New Drugs For Hearing Loss?

This is very exciting news and could change the way that we think about treating hearing loss in the future specifically for those affected by tinnitus or for those who are working in very noisy places. Take a look!

Brain stem Implants for Those With Profound Hearing Loss

The technology that is available for those with profound hearing loss really is pretty amazing. Learn a little about brain stem implants here and how they may be able to help those that aren’t helped by cochlear implants.

Singing Show Tunes to Alleviate Dementia

Your fun finding of the day = a new study has shown that singing show tunes might help alleviate the symptoms of dementia! Many studies have also shown that treating hearing loss may reduce your risk of developing dementia. So wear your hearing aids and sing your favorite show tune!


Take a moment to appreciate these amazing kids who are promoting positive images of hearing aid use! Not only that, but they are raising money for other children with hearing loss who need hearing aids but are unable to afford them!  #ShowYourAids‬

Identifying Autism with a Hearing Test

University of Rochester Medical Center researchers have identified a hearing deficit in autistic children that may change their ability to recognize speech.  For more information on the connection, check out the full article here.