Gov. Deval Patrick Signed a Hearing Aid Bill for Children

Gov. Deval Patrick signed a hearing aid bill into law in August of 2012, that
will require private insurers to cover hearing aids for children. “An Act to
Provide Access to Hearing Aids for Children” will mandate that private
insurers cover $2,000 for each hearing aid needed every 36 months. The
nonprofit Massachusetts Hearing Aids for Children Coalition advocated for
the bill for several years. A Taunton woman, Kim LeBrecque, was one of
seven members of the group’s board of directors.” It is an absolute victory
for all the families and children of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,”
said LeBrecque, who has a 3-year old daughter with hearing loss. The bill
covers all minors up to age 21 and goes into effect January 1, 2013. The
coalition said about 150 children born in the state each year are in fact
diagnosed with hearing loss. To learn more regarding this new law, please
visit the link below.