Articles on Hearing, the Ear, and Health

Remembering The Pioneering Audiologist Who Tested Hearing At Birth, Dr. Marion Downs From NPR’s All Things Considered, a 2014 article honoring the woman who tested hearing at birth.   As language development depends highly upon hearing, identifying those who are hard of hearing at birth avoids losing critical years for hearing and language development.  For the full article, click here. …

Open House

FREE DEMO ~  NEW VENTURE FROM PHONAK Audeo, Bolero, Virto and Naida Call one of our offices to schedule a FREE demo of their new technology! An Expert trained in Digital Technology will be available and Special incentives will be offered! 978-475-9595 ~ Andover office 978-454-1966 ~Lowell office

UPenn Brain Atrophy Study

Mild Hearing Loss Linked to Brain Atrophy in Older Adults, Penn Study Shows NEWS RELEASE: AUGUST 31, 2011 Early Intervention Could Prevent Slide toward Speech Comprehension Difficulties PHILADELPHIA — A new study by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania shows that declines in hearing ability may accelerate gray matter atrophy in auditory areas of …

Johns Hopkins Dementia Study

Release Date: 02/14/2011 Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing, a study by Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers suggests. The findings, the researchers say, could lead to new ways to combat dementia, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide and carries heavy societal burdens. …

Gov. Deval Patrick Signed a Hearing Aid Bill for Children

Gov. Deval Patrick signed a hearing aid bill into law in August of 2012, that will require private insurers to cover hearing aids for children. “An Act to Provide Access to Hearing Aids for Children” will mandate that private insurers cover $2,000 for each hearing aid needed every 36 months. The nonprofit Massachusetts Hearing Aids for Children Coalition advocated for …

30th Anniversary Raffle Prizes!

30th Anniversary Monthly Raffle Prizes!! NO purchase necessary – Call to enter, come into our office and fill out a raffle ticket, email Tracy at ,  or just send us a note in the mail! MONTHLY DRAWINGS ARE AS FOLLOWS: APRIL  ~  DRY AID KIT (retail value $125) WINNER for APRIL ~ Paul N., Westford, MA MAY  ~  2 …

Treating Hearing Loss; Improving Quality of Life

Many know about the risks of untreated hearing loss including social isolation and depression, but many DON’T know about the benefits of treating your hearing loss, which include higher earning potential and decreased social anxiety.   Check out the full story here.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Is there a genetic predisposition to noise-induced hearing loss?   This study has identified the Nox3 gene, which may help explain why some are more genetically prone to noise induced hearing loss.

Osteoporosis and Risk of Sudden Deafness

Is there a link between osteoporosis and a risk of sudden deafness?  Researchers have found a higher risk of experiencing a certain type of hearing loss in those suffering from osteoporosis. Learn more here.