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Hearing evaluations in Andover and Lowell, MA

Hearing tests are done for several reasons. They help determine how much hearing is present, what frequencies of the hearing range are affected, probable type of hearing loss, changes that occur over time, or are due to drug therapies, and whether or not hearing aids will be of benefit. The shape of the hearing loss will often help the audiologist determine what kind of amplification will be needed. Hearing tests provided by audiologists are a basic measure of hearing sensitivity, and are often used as part of a test battery to assess overall hearing health. Most often, insurance companies offer hearing testing by a licensed audiologist as a covered benefit, as it is a diagnostic evaluation. We will be happy to help you assess your coverage.

After a basic hearing test, many other types of tests may be done to help the audiologist assess the need for medical intervention or amplification. Most frequently, complete audiological testing includes tympanometry, speech testing, and Otoacoustic Emission testing. Other specialized testing such as Electronystagmography, or Auditory Brainstem Response may be indicated under certain circumstances.

At Audio Hearing Center we offer a full range of testing for all ages, from infants to adults.

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