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Technology is advancing rapidly, and hearing health is no exception.

At Audio Hearing Center, we utilize the latest technological innovations and advances to bring you better hearing. Our staff is regularly engaged in professional development to stay updated on scientific and manufacturing developments that may benefit you. We work to find the best devices to meet your specific hearing needs. Although we work with a number of hearing aid manufacturers, we only partner with companies that emphasize research and development in hearing science, so that you can be sure you are getting the best technology to meet your needs.

starkey hearing aids andover and lowell ma
One of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the United States, Starkey has built a reputation for connecting people and improving lives. The company believes that the ability to hear the world around us without missing out on anything is as important as breathing. Some of the recent innovations that customers have found beneficial include tinnitus and noise reduction technology, as well as iPhone compatibility to send sound directly to the ears rather than using the smartphone as an intermediary. Starkey is committed to innovation, philanthropy, American-made craftsmanship, and individualized attention, making the customer experience unbeatable. This well-rounded company does not stop short at producing effective hearing aids. Indeed, they continue to make the customer service possibilities and the surrounding community better for all.

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Oticon is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that has been in the business of producing high-end hearing assistance since 1904. The precision of their hearing aids is unmatched according to many wearers, making it possible to hear with nearly acoustic accuracy even in a noisy and complicated hearing environment. Oticon offers the People First promise to empower people to communicate freely, to interact naturally, and to participate actively in the world. With this emphasis on user experiences, you can be sure that you are getting the best the hearing aid market has to offer. Specialization and customization take Oticon to the next level, providing a special hearing experience that is truly revolutionary.

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No person should be left without the ability to hear loved ones and to communicate freely. This core belief in the connective possibility of hearing is a central driving force at Phonak. Known for sleek designs and exceptionally long battery life, Phonak offers the best the hearing aid market has to offer in a number of different styles. Another exceptional innovation is the SoundRecover technology, allowing users to hear high frequencies that have been lost for a long time. The wide spectrum of sounds means that users can feel like they’re hearing as they did as young people again, once again able to connect with loved ones and enhance their hearing experiences in a number of environments.

phonak hearing aids andover and lowell ma
With 50 years of experience in the hearing aid technology field, this Danish company creates top-of-the-line solutions to your hearing needs. The first in the industry to create full digital and wireless technologies, their most popular models serve a wide range of hearing ability and stylistic choices. The Widex Sound is known to offer a full frequency and volume spectrum, from background sound to whispering voices in a crowd. Another benefit of Widex hearing aids is their commitment to sustainability. With a fully carbon neutral headquarters, Widex is also committed to sourcing and manufacturing its aids with the impact on the environment in mind. This commitment to the global community comes through in every decision made at Widex.

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With origins in the Sivantos Group as early as the 1800s, Signia is a 140-year-old company, providing a wide breadth of experience to hearing aid users. Technological development began with designing telephone receivers, and the emphasis on research and development has not ceased since that early phase of innovation. Now that they have extended their reach around the globe, Signia takes its place as one of the top three hearing assistance providers in the world. The emphasis on technological development and cutting-edge research has not disappeared in all of these years of operation, and you can trust that your Signia aids will offer the latest functionality with maximum reliability, as well.

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